On December 24th, the OVCA issued a statement regarding the use of certain brush technologies at the upcoming OVCA Mixed and Alexander Keith's City of Ottawa Men's Bonspiels.

We received much constructive feedback from our member clubs and curlers. As a result, the OVCA has decided to amend its position for the affected upcoming events.

The OVCA has decided to adopt the Ontario Curling Association's (OCA) position on brush head technology. The OCA upholds most of the positions of the Curling Canada moratorium, but allows for brush heads that have been “recovered either at home or by a re-seller” as long as the fabric has “a woven appearance that is visible to the naked eye.”

The OVCA believes this position acknowledges the spirit of the Curling Canada statement, while understanding the more recreational nature of our events.

As with our previous statement, all curlers must recognize the OVCA Alexander Keith’s City of Ottawa Men’s and Mixed bonspiels are not officiated events and curlers are expected to follow the rules including abiding by the moratorium in the spirit of good sportsmanship. It is with this same spirit that these events have operated since 1959 with the participants policing themselves.

The OVCA Board of Directors and event organizing committees look forward to welcoming you to our events, and we wish you all “Good Curling!"