Whoops - can't forget our Junior Stars assigned to Team Laycock of SASK at 2:30pm EST today!

Both Emma Artichuk and Tiana Weicker are 13 years old and curl at the Manotick Curling Centre.

When asked what curling means to Emma, her answer is simple.

"When you take into consideration the friends you make, the lessons you learn and the fitness, curling can’t be beat.
It’s why I am over the moon to wake up at 6am on a Saturday for a bonspiel or to take part in 2 hour practices 3 days a week. If it wasn’t for curling I don’t know what I would do. It has made me the person I am today as did everyone that I have met along the way."

Curling has stirred the poetry in many of our winners' souls, and Tiana was no different. 

"I like Curling
Because we are always learning
New skills
That give us thrills

We make friends
Throughout eight ends
That we'll remember for a lifetime
Gaining four at a time

You try to get a rock in the house
When you do
No one’s a mouse
Because both teams are cheering for you

When the game is done
You all have fun
To celebrate a victory
That could make history"

Be There!


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