Is your club looking at using a crowdfunding app or website to help raise funds for a capital project?

STOP!  There may be better options!

Now that the off-season has arrived, club boards are turning their attention to getting their facilities ready for next fall.  Some clubs may only have minor repairs and projects, but some are facing much more expensive repairs or replacements - and are finding themselves short of the funds needed to carry them out.

Some clubs are turning to online "crowdfunding" to raise the necessary capital. Sites like GoFundMe allow people or organizations the ability to set up online donation campaigns - and they can be very successful, BUT... what is the donor getting in return?

Other than the feeling they get from helping a good cause, the donor doesn't receive any other incentive.

What if your fundraising campaign could offer your donors something more?  Something like a tax break?

If your club is a member of your provincial organization, you can make donations TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

For members of CurlON, you can register your project through the National Sports Trust Fund -Ontario.  The Ontario Curling Council has all of the information you need to start issuing tax receipts at their website.

For members of Curling Quebec, you can get more information about the Fond Sport Quebec at their website.

Of course, both provincial organizations AND the OVCA also offer low cost loans than can also be of assistance for major projects.



CurlON Business of Curling

CurlON has a program that will sit down with your club and create a professional business plan.  For more information, visit CurlON's website.

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