A brief history of the organization, past presidents, and honorary members

Honorary Members

* = Deceased

2019-20 Elaine Brimicombe
1998-99 Bob Martin *
1991-92 Earl Rigby *
1992-93  Dr. Vic Prest * 
1992-93 Arthur Ward * 
1988-89 John Doty*

Past Presidents

* = Deceased

2018-19 Al McPhee
2016-17 Tom Sinclair
2015 Bill Woods
2014 Frank Van Ryckeghem
2012-13 Elaine Brimicombe
2011-12 John Dilabio
2009-10 Marian Dupont
2008 Logan Atkinson
2006-07  Janet Levere
2005 Bill Dickie
2004 Cheryl McBain
2003 Layne Noble
2002 Doug Rath*
2001 Ray Dumouchel
2000 Neil Dufor
1999 Al Haggarty
1998 Jim Campbell
1997 Gerry Tomalty
1996 Cliff Reddick
1995 Warren Reddick*
1994 Doug Sears
1993 Don Patterson *
1992 Blair Rogers*
1991 Allan Brunt
1990 Joe Potter
1989 Locksley Trentholm
1988 Gord Creelman *
1987 Denny Charlebois *
1986 Don Bond *
1985 George Wright
1984 Al Kelso *
1983 W.R. Copping *
1982 L.A. Kaeding
1981 F.E. Dicola *
1981 Roger Wilson
1980 D.E. Macdonald *
1979 Grover Clare *
1978 Keith McLaren *
1977 R.T. Kenny
1976 A.C. Murchison*
1975 Doug Maklem *
1974 Bill Whitman *
1973 Jim Simpson *
1972 Norm Denney *
1971 M. Kirkpatrick *
1970 E.G. Wimperis *
1969 J.M. Cameron *
1968 Roy Taylor
1967 Keith Scanes *
1966 L. H. Nicholson *
1965 John Garey *
1964 D.E. Lavalley *
1963 C.W. Kenny *
1962 S.F.M. Wotherspoon *
1961 W.F. Burt *
1960 Tiny Hermann *
1959 C.A.L. Murchison *

A Brief History...


At the instigation of Mr. H.H. Ward, the Curling Association of Ottawa was formed for the 1940-1941 season.  Its function was generally to co-operate with the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonia Curling Club (the “Branch”) in the operation of its several annual events, and to control and operate the several inter-club competitions of local interest.  Included among the latter were the original City Bonspiel (competing for the Birks Trophy), and the Central Canada Bonspiel involving the James Manuel and N.F. Wilson Trophies.

In 1956, the City of Ottawa Invitational Bonspiel was inaugurated, superseding the former Central Canada Bonspiel.

On 1 October 1959, the OVCA came into being, succeeding the Curling Association of Ottawa.  The first President of the OVCA was C.A.L. Murchison of the Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa.

As a result of a tripartite agreement entered into in 1962-1963, the OVCA began functioning as the coordinating body for the OVCA, the Ontario Curling Association (the “OCA”) and the Branch.  This function related to clubs in the City of Ottawa and the surrounding Ottawa-St. Lawrence Valley areas.  The OVCA continued in this role until 2001, at which point the OCA withdrew from the agreement and a new arrangement was struck between the OVCA and the Branch.  As a result, the OVCA coordinated Branch events in the OVCA area, collecting membership fees, receiving entries, managing entry fees, and remitting moneys to the Branch.

The OVCA no longer performs this service for the Branch, but continues to encourage its members to get involved in Branch activities.

In 1967, the decision was made to explore incorporation of the OVCA.  A committee was struck, and after many meetings and much discussion an application for incorporation was forwarded to the Provincial Secretary.  Letters patent were granted on 29 July 1968.

Membership in the OVCA is vested in 46 curling clubs in the eastern Ontario and western Québec areas.  In Ontario, member clubs may also members of either zone 1, 2 or 3 of the OCA. Quebec member clubs may also be members of Curling Quebec. OVCA member clubs in Québec, and many of our members in Ontario, are also members of the Branch. 

The OVCA Territory is described in Bylaw 11.

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